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It’s 1969 and who could imagine in just four years, Jesse, an eleven year old child from the city would transform into a cold hearted killer when he moves to the quiet of a rural farm. Inspired by true events. “A tug at your heartstrings story.”

Script info: Feature

Genre: Drama

Length: 108 pages

WRONG WAY AVENUE (Drama/Thriller/Action/Black Comedy)

Sam, a recluse, has bequeathed Memphis, a tracer who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, something very special…an item that could change the world. First, Memphis has to find it, next, hang onto it. With criminals, the Sheriff’s office, U.S. Marshalls and even the FBI and the NSA impeding his efforts, Silas, a very special individual, may be his biggest asset in keeping what he has inherited.

Script info: Feature

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Black Comedy

Length: 100 pages

THE PAY DAY (Drama/Thriller/Action)

Five retired American war veterans, who have lost faith in the economy and the government’s unfair treatment of them, resort to robbery to support themselves and to ensure they have an adequate retirement fund. Their latest heist nets them more than they had expected…about forty-six million more. The money is not the Cartel’s and not for some CIA scheme but a home grown covert operation…money is being skimmed from disaster relief funds  to support the failing business interests of those in power, those at the very highest level of government.

Script info: Feature

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action

Length: 107 pages

NO ACTS OF MERCY (Drama/Thriller/Action)

The 1990’s – The bad and the good on the streets of the city with Angello stuck somewhere in between. Bodies are piling up and Detective Sandra Molesley gets saddled with a case she has no intentions of solving. As events unfold, nothing is what it appears to be.

Script info: Feature

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action

Length: 86 pages

XENO (Xeno is the prequel to The Xeno Manifesto trilogy novels)

On Marrus, the fourth planet from the sun at a progression equivalent to modern day Earth, we find Serge Tryniski. He is a violent man trying to live a life of solitude but someone is trying to take him out. What most don’t realize, if he goes down, the entire planet may go with him.

Script info: Feature

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Thriller, Mystery

Length: 80 pages

PALE (A Supernatural Thriller/Action/Drama)

H…not a typical name for a woman but, then again, there’s nothing typical about her and…she has connections most would run from. Detectives Kate Matthews and Kevin Reynolds believe she’s the prime suspect in a string of multiple murders even if the Feds thinks it’s a rival faction. Problem is, these detectives can’t figure out if they’re dealing with someone human, a spectre from the Underworld or something in-between.

Script Info: Feature

Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Action, Drama

Length: 86 Pages