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After a long time, I read something other than a fantasy or a rom-com. It’s really out of my comfort zone, but the synopsis of the book sounded so interesting that I had to pick it up. Xeno was interesting, surprising and unpredictable. There were a few “woahh” moments which really made things interesting. Without revealing the plot I’d like to say some twists were really awesome. I usually refrain from books where authors delve too much into details , sometimes they’re just not needed. This book did get a dat bit detailed but overall it was a wonderful read. I loved all the characters although there were some unexpected blows to my heart. And ohh that cliffhanger. P.S. if you love reading fast paced series, this is a great book for you. Pick it up and dive in now!! Bookishlyyours_ (February 5, 2018) Also posted on Instagram.


4 Stars – “This is an exciting and suspenseful book and the author successfully keeps it interesting until the last page. In addition to a very promising premise which is introduced in a fast paced series of events, the characters are thoroughly portrayed in ample back stories. The mystery is suspended as the author shifts the plot by introducing another set of characters with equally ample back story. The excitement continues as the plot converges in a surprising and unexpected twist. This is, indeed, one exciting and enjoyable suspense thriller.” K.S. Augustin (February 4, 2018) also posted on Goodreads and Amazon.  You can read her full review on her blog at


4 Stars – “What an amazing debut novel…a mix of science fiction and mystery, which I am all about!! This book is full of adventure and also action packed and it keeps you wondering page after page. I especially loved the scenery and mystery of it all! Thanks to the author, Brysen Mann, for sending me a copy for my honest review!!” Marcy Reads (January 31, 2018) also posted on Instagram (marcyreads), Goodreads and Amazon


4 Stars – “What a wild ride this novel is! Author Brysen Mann graciously contacted me and offered me a free Kindle copy of his book in exchange for a review, and I can honestly say that he absolutely blew me away with The Xeno Manifesto. I always love a book that I can’t put down, and although they’re rare to stumble across, this sci-fi adventure novel absolutely took the cake! I started reading it on January 26th and just finished it, today, on January 28th. As a huge fan of conspiracy theories, The Xeno Manifesto definitely brought out my tin-foil hat side.”

“I would absolutely recommend that sci-fi fans buy this book! You will certainly not regret it. Mr. Mann, I very much look forward to seeing more from you in the future!” Bitty Book Nook (January 28, 2018) Also posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Riffle See my full review here:…


4 Stars – “It’s not my usual genre, I’ve been trying to get out of my usual reads. I have to tell you, I loved this book! Following Frank through his journey, trying to figure out who this mysterious man is. The description of the locations where he lives made me think I was there, I could picture it perfect. The character was just so intriguing you wanted to find things out with him. Read this book, I truly enjoyed it!” Mariela’s Nook (January 21, 2018) Read the complete review on Goodreads/Amazon/Instagram(marielas_nook)


“The Xeno Manifesto was filled with twists and turns that hooked me instantly! I couldn’t put it down…Mann had an amazing way of developing the characters, and pulling you into their crazy world! This book is a must read!” Steph F. (December 17, 2017)


“Once you start reading The Xeno Manifesto, be prepared for an all nighter because this is a difficult book to put down! I loved the interesting plot with exciting twists; I never knew what would happen next, but was pleasantly surprised at every turn” April M. (December 16, 2017)


“A wonderful unique idea in this sci-fi twist of a tale…your concept is truly very cool” Editor – Tellwell


The release date for The Xeno Manifesto, the first of a trilogy, was December 12, 2017. 

As a footnote, the “suggested” prices for the book are $3.99 U.S. (Ebook), $9.99 U.S. (paperback) and $21.99 U.S. (hardcover). All the distribution sites may not correspond.