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5 Stars – Amongst all the chaos around me, I did find time to sit and relax with your book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Your writing is informative as well as inventive! You have woven quite a tale based on some of the factual material already available. I found this tale to be quite a page turner! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Sue C. (August 23, 2018)

5 Stars – Suspenseful and Great Atmosphere, Well Worth Reading

Format: Kindle Edition

4 Stars – Suspenseful and gripping. This novel is an incredibly compelling read that will leave you wanting to know more about the main character, Frank. As an adopted child, he never knew the truth about his past until his journey ends up leading him to find answers not only about his own origin, but the origin of the entire human race. The concept of The Xeno Manifesto is definitely unique and will engage readers from the very beginning leaving them wanting to stay for the fast paced unfolding of the plot and character development.
I really enjoyed Brysen’s ability to create each scene with depth and detailed orientation for readers. The descriptions are profound and will leave you with a clear picture of where the characters are and what they are experiencing. Yet, despite the meticulously thought out scenes, Brysenw as able to keep an air of mystery throughout the entire novel that left me needing to turn the page.
This novel runs a parallel of one man’s journey to find answers to his past and newfound abilities with humanities’ never-ending desire to understand what life means and where we all come from. I believe Brysen ran this parallel in a very elegant way when looking at the overarching plot. Readers who enjoy complex plots with great scene descriptions and character growth will find The Xeno Manifesto enjoyable! Brianna Remus Books (June 10, 2018) Can also be found on her blog and Goodreads.


5 Stars – I really enjoyed The Xeno Manifesto. It was a fun read from beginning to end. After the first chapter, I thought I knew where the book was going to go – then the plot took an unexpected change of direction. As it progressed, I again thought I knew where it was going, and again the plot changed direction. Reading it became fun just to see where it was going to go next. Even though there were plot twists, it never became too hard to follow, nor did it seem contrived. At the end, all of the plot twists and characters tied together – and yet there is still room for a sequel. I am looking forward to the next book as I want to know how this all ends.

I didn’t read this book all at one sitting but rather read it on the bus every day as I went to work. During the day I more than once caught myself thinking about the plot and what was going to happen next. In fact I couldn’t stop thinking that this was a much better plot than many of the Sci-fi action shows I’ve watched on T.V.. Michael L. (May 22, 2018)

4 Stars – When an introverted, orphaned boy, struggles with his differences, he pulls away from friends and family to protect them. He feels and eventually learns he is different after being pursued by men in black.
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During his flight for his life and self imposed alienation, he stumbles upon a diary that changes the course of his life.
He has to come to term with his new reality and decide which side he will pick to stand by moving forward in a quest that could change the course of mankind.
Converging story lines make this all come together and it’s fast paced and well written. I really enjoyed it! Lisa – Unlimited Book Reviews (May 22, 2018) Also posted on and Goodreads.

5 Stars – “Science Fiction is not my typical book to read…OR so I thought until I picked up The Xeno Manifesto. I was grabbed right from the beginning with the well-drawn characters and a solid story; I could not put it down. The author, Brysen Mann is clearly a gifted writer with a creative mind; he introduces us to another world that could very well exist. With strong writing throughout, he keeps the level of suspense and thrill holding our attention until the very end!” Lisa P. (May 19, 2018)Host of “Talk of the Town” on Access 7 TV.


5 Stars – I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author has your attention leading you through twists and turns of suspenseful events that are so detailed and descriptive that it is as if you are watching a movie. I didn’t want to put it down as the story seamlessly moved from one event to the other leaving you on the edge of your seat. I am not a sci-fi reader but I do love a mystery and adding the ‘conspiracy theory’ element and believability has me hooked! This story would be ideal for a movie or TV series. Jenn G. (April 30, 2018)


5 Stars – “I’m happy to report another 5 star read with The Xeno Manifesto!”

“If you’re into suspenseful mysteries with a little science fiction thrown into the mix, I’m pretty sure this will be in your wheelhouse. As an added bonus, it’s heavy on conspiracy so that was fun too! As a whole, great book from start to finish with lots of surprising twists.”

“One of the things that I really liked about this book were it’s characters. Frank is a stellar main character who is incredibly intriguing and enjoyable to follow. His beginnings are a mystery and as the pieces are unraveled, we learn more and more about who is is and how he came to be that way. Everything that happens to him comes as a surprise to me and there were very few times that I was able to see something coming although once it’s explained, it all makes sense.”

“The pacing is quick yet thorough which makes it really hard to put down! It’s a great book for a weekend read or travel companion. I often found myself getting lost in it and losing all track of time and space! Lots of shocking twists and interesting scenarios to keep you intrigued and entertained. The conspiracy theories added a lot of fun into the mix and definitely made me break out the tin foil hat!”

“If you’re into Sci-Fi or Suspense AT ALL, I really think you’d enjoy The Xeno Manifesto and highly recommend you check it out. This has been the most fun I’ve had with a book in a long time!” Pages and Pekoe – (April 16, 2018) Also posted on Instagram and Goodreads


4 Stars – Over the course of the story we are introduced to a handful of fully animated secondary characters whom all hold a purpose. I enjoyed how thought out this piece was as it felt like there was nothing left up to chance. Every character no matter how miniscule they appeared to be at first meeting were part of an elaborate puzzle.

I must say that there were definite moments where I questioned what I had gotten into. I scratched my head, put the book down, did a little google searching, tried to put some things into my place, returned to the story. I don’t want to give too much away but, trust me, you keep reading and then you’re like, oh, wow. I never saw that connection coming into play. It just flows.

The Xeno Manifesto gets my nod for originality and execution. I haven’t read anything like this before and I could definitely see it being turned into a film as I feel all good books should be. I’ll be staying tuned for future works! Harlyn Bryan – RaeOvSun (April 06, 2018) Also see full review on her website and the review is posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr


4 Stars – “The story is compelling, fascinating and has that mystery and thriller it promises, I loved the world building here, at points it felt a little eerie which is a good thing and it contributes to the overall theme of the book. The characters are properly developed with enough back story, so that we can relate to them or be invested in them. I loved how the main character was developed through a flashback, it did not take me away from the present time yet be interested in how he is as he has come to be. For the story, it had a great plot, with a good pacing and with every chapter the mystery intensifies and you want to keep on reading.
This the first time I have read anything from this genre and this book makes me want to pick up more like this one.” 
Sanjeev Maurya – Booksforte (March 19, 2018) Also posted on Amazon, Instagram (booksforte) and Goodreads.


4 Stars– I quite enjoyed The Xeno Manifesto. It’s a story that really drew me in. It will make you ponder the reality behind the reality. Make you feel hidden hands guide the unknown discoveries of our time. Join Frank as he reveals the mystery you never knew existed. The Xeno Manifesto is an interesting intriguing fictional story that may prove to be more real than fiction. Eric S. (February 20, 2018) Also posted on Amazon


After a long time, I read something other than a fantasy or a rom-com. It’s really out of my comfort zone, but the synopsis of the book sounded so interesting that I had to pick it up. Xeno was interesting, surprising and unpredictable. There were a few “woahh” moments which really made things interesting. Without revealing the plot I’d like to say some twists were really awesome. I usually refrain from books where authors delve too much into details , sometimes they’re just not needed. This book did get a dat bit detailed but overall it was a wonderful read. I loved all the characters although there were some unexpected blows to my heart. And ohh that cliffhanger. P.S. if you love reading fast paced series, this is a great book for you. Pick it up and dive in now!! Bookishlyyours_ (February 5, 2018) Also posted on Instagram.


4 Stars – “This is an exciting and suspenseful book and the author successfully keeps it interesting until the last page. In addition to a very promising premise which is introduced in a fast paced series of events, the characters are thoroughly portrayed in ample back stories. The mystery is suspended as the author shifts the plot by introducing another set of characters with equally ample back story. The excitement continues as the plot converges in a surprising and unexpected twist. This is, indeed, one exciting and enjoyable suspense thriller.” K.S. Augustin (February 4, 2018) also posted on Goodreads and Amazon.  You can read her full review on her blog at


4 Stars – “What an amazing debut novel…a mix of science fiction and mystery, which I am all about!! This book is full of adventure and also action packed and it keeps you wondering page after page. I especially loved the scenery and mystery of it all! Thanks to the author, Brysen Mann, for sending me a copy for my honest review!!” Marcy Reads (January 31, 2018) also posted on Instagram (marcyreads), Goodreads and Amazon


4 Stars – “What a wild ride this novel is! Author Brysen Mann graciously contacted me and offered me a free Kindle copy of his book in exchange for a review, and I can honestly say that he absolutely blew me away with The Xeno Manifesto. I always love a book that I can’t put down, and although they’re rare to stumble across, this sci-fi adventure novel absolutely took the cake! I started reading it on January 26th and just finished it, today, on January 28th. As a huge fan of conspiracy theories, The Xeno Manifesto definitely brought out my tin-foil hat side.”

“I would absolutely recommend that sci-fi fans buy this book! You will certainly not regret it. Mr. Mann, I very much look forward to seeing more from you in the future!” Bitty Book Nook (January 28, 2018) Also posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Riffle See my full review here:…


4 Stars“This should be a TV Series.” “It’s not my usual genre, I’ve been trying to get out of my usual reads. I have to tell you, I loved this book! Following Frank through his journey, trying to figure out who this mysterious man is. The description of the locations where he lives made me think I was there, I could picture it perfect. The character was just so intriguing you wanted to find things out with him. Read this book, I truly enjoyed it!” Mariela’s Nook (January 21, 2018) Read the complete review on Goodreads/Amazon/Instagram(marielas_nook)


4 Stars – “The Xeno Manifesto was filled with twists and turns that hooked me instantly! I couldn’t put it down…Mann had an amazing way of developing the characters, and pulling you into their crazy world! This book is a must read!” Steph F. (December 17, 2017)


4 Stars – “Once you start reading The Xeno Manifesto, be prepared for an all nighter because this is a difficult book to put down! I loved the interesting plot with exciting twists; I never knew what would happen next, but was pleasantly surprised at every turn” April M. (December 16, 2017)


“A wonderful unique idea in this sci-fi twist of a tale…your concept is truly very cool” Editor – Tellwell