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Back Cover Blurb for The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation (The second book of the trilogy to be released the early part of 2019)

Frank is at a loss. What more is expected of him and how can one man possibly matter?

And to make things more complicated, two determined women have entered the picture. Willow, who’s already shown she’s not what she had said she was, is set on his salvation. The other, Rajeena who has assumed the reins from the Committee, is set on his destruction.

The pressure is mounting and time is running out. He’s not sure where it’ll all lead but everyone wants what they believe is rightfully theirs, including Zachariah and there’s only so much to go around.

Excerpt #1 from The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation, the second novel of The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy

Frank pops his head outside the tent to make sure there are no Tsiatko watching over him, not that he’d be absolutely sure with their constant disappearing acts. There’s nothing. He plops down and reads Mr. H’s note one more time. He’s not sure what to think. He tears the envelope and note into small pieces and slowly eats each piece, washing them down with shots from his water bottle, shaking his head in disbelief with every swallow.

Frank is beginning to think he’s fucked.

Zach scans around listening to the sound of the steam as mist clouds of vapor shoot out from the small fumaroles in the cave floor. He watches the lights dancing across the ceiling and walls of the immense circular cavern, originating from the blue glow of the Orb in the center of it. Its light is further reflected from the quartz boulder it’s nested on. He may have considered all of this a beautiful image except for the sight and disgusting smell of the gigantic Tsiatko scattered around him. They’re still staring at him like they’re ready to rip him apart. Brother’s recent comments have done nothing to help matters.

Zach sits dejected on his rock stool staring at the Orb. So close yet so far. He’s still bewildered why Frank saved him from the Tsiatko’s wrath and more perplexed as to what Frank is really up to. Zach did have his own game plan for the Orb but Frank’s actions have left him hanging…alive but hanging. He had a Plan A and B but no Plan C.

Zach is beginning to think he’s fucked.

Excerpt #2 from The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation, the second novel of  The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy

A few minutes later Reggie enters. She’s an attractive woman in her mid-forties. She’s Irish with a tall, slender, long limbed physique, flowing red hair and piercing green-blue eyes upon a lightly freckled face of pale skin. She has a Masters in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. She was an analyst and profiler for the FBI before she was recruited by the Committee. She has a reputation for being extremely thorough and efficient. Reggie is her nickname, short for Rejina, Rejina Byrne. As she told it, her dad wanted a boy and since she was the last of five girls, he gave her the nickname. She grew up to be a confident strong woman but embedded herself in working in a man’s world so she elected to keep using it. Many a male counterpart is more than a bit surprised when they meet her in person.

“Mr. Belette, is everything alright? You look a bit tense. Bertram told me what happened. This isn’t your normal behavior?”

“Quit it Reggie. I’m not in the mood.”

“Why aren’t you?”

Felix gives her an exasperated look. “Seriously, not now.”

“Of course Mr. Belette.” She says.

Reggie has a reputation for constantly analyzing people. The way they talk, look, body language, actions, it never stops with her and she has gotten under his skin so many times with it. That’s why he likes her so much.

“You know Allmass? Zachariah Allmass?”

“I do.”

“He’s dropped off the radar. I know he’s up to no good. I want you to go back through everything he’s been involved with in the last six months. Anything and everything. What transactions he’s approved, personnel, travel, contacts, I don’t want any stone unturned. Especially his time in Washington State.”

“What are you hoping to find?”

“I’m not telling you. I want to see what you find but look for it like you’re looking for dirt. Understand me?”

“Of course. And when do you need this?”

“Yesterday. Nothing, I repeat nothing is more important to you than this. Am I clear on that?”

“Yes sir, you know me and my work.”

“I do, sorry.”

Excerpt #3 from The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation, the second novel of The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy

Frank and Zach land hard on the warehouse floor. The corridors in the warehouse are lit up like Christmas trees. The windows have been blacked out. They’re at the end of a tee intersection just fifty from the primary one. As they stand, an armed man walks by and spots them. He yells out. There’s no time to think, only react. Gaylord reaches him in two monstrous strides, crushing him against a wall, breaking through it and landing twenty feet into the next room. Frank and Zach follow. They hear shouting coming from farther down the main passageway.

“Find them!” Frank yells to Gaylord pointing to the general direction of the sounds. “I’ll take care of anyone coming down the hallway!” As he grabs the automatic from the guards belt along with extra clips.

Gaylord takes the “shortcut” through any of the impeding walls and barriers to do as he was instructed, searching for his assigned targets.

Frank checks that he has a round in the chamber as he scrambles back to the hallway. “Stay behind me!” he yells to Zach.

Frank hits the corridor running, firing a continual volley of rounds. He fires, reloads, fires, never slowing down, never missing a beat, dropping each assailant with head shots until they arrive at the entrance of the intended storage room. He suspects some of his targets were attacking, others just trying to escape Gaylord’s wrath. Frank stops, signaling Zach to do the same as he quickly peeks inside before entering. Zach follows to see Gaylord, chest arched out, his arms spread letting out a loud triumphant roar that rattles the windows in the room. There are bloody patterns against the walls and racking where Gaylord must have tossed his opponents, only to have their bodies crushed against the unyielding materials. Others on the ground look that they have been stomped by the massive Tsiatko or pummeled by his wrecking ball-like fists. There’s carnage everywhere.


The Brysen Mann Blog – January 30, 2018

I have been holding myself back but I can’t any longer. I have to continue with my story. There is so much to be told and I’m not sure how long it will take or what obstacles I will face along the way.

Is there too much to my tale, maybe more than anyone is prepared to hear?

It isn’t like I have to be creative as it’s already in my head. I just need to put it on paper but…but nothing, it has to be done.

And so my saga continues.


The Brysen Mann Blog – January 10, 2018

A new year and my attempt to make some kind of resolution, any resolution that will improve my life…

I have to admit, I am cynical about this.

Try as I may, whatever game plan I come up with, Fate has its own idea about where I am suppose to go.

I do give 110% percent in my endeavors…my goals but without Fate’s cooperation, I get nowhere.

What is it about that?

I do know that something looks after me, Fate…my Power if you want to use that term. I am not a religious person by any means. I was at one time but those days are long gone.

Every time I get in a jam, something intervenes and bails me out. The key, I have learned the hard way, is to keep pushing forward. Never, ever giving up and…being patient. I can’t force anything thing. It has to come my way in its own time or its not destined to happen. It’s as simple as that.

I have learned long ago that the only thing I have control of is myself and with that realization, came a sense of calm.

I have no control over anyone else, well…I do but its usually without their cooperation and then, they ultimately pay the price.

Its going to be an interesting year.


The Brysen Mann Blog – December 26, 2017

I am struggling with how to put all of this in words without sounding like an SOB. Not that I really care.

After living so much of my life alone, I still have difficulty being with people. Not people in the general public
sense, but those that I feel I should strive to have a closer kinship with. Individuals that I describe as associates but most, I believe, take the next step and call friends.

For whatever reason, I can’t let anyone in. I am not “attracted” enough to give them that title. I mean attraction in terms of their intelligence, their drive, their personality not that mine is one that is to strive for. I can’t find something, anything in common but I have to admit, I don’t really try.

I guess part of it comes down to trust. That sacred believe that they, he, she has your back…always. It’s just not there. Not yet anyways. Will it ever be?

Even during this so-called Yuletide season, I have no desire, no mandatory need to be with others…it is just another day.

I have spent too many days, too many years of moving around and knowing…accepting the reality of life on this world and how it will all end.

I have taken the blinders off long ago and maybe that is why I keep everyone at a distance because, what is the point?


The Brysen Mann Blog – December 14, 2017

I had been asked recently “What would I have done differently in my life, what is your biggest regret?”

Had this question been proposed to me when I was younger, I am sure the response would have been lengthy.

Today, my answer is…nothing.

All of the obstacles in my life, the mistakes, the “regrets”, the paths I have chosen, right or wrong, have all made me the person I am today.

I like who and what I am. If solitude is my only companion, that’s okay because I have learned to be happy with my own company. I am content with what I have become.

Life…Fate…my Power has always looked after me BUT only when I have given 110% of myself. I expect nothing to me handed to me, everything has to be earned.

And I have paid the price along the way…there always is a price.

What the future will bring? I do not know, but I am prepared.


December 03, 2017

I talk of being tired and the only constant in my life has been change. I have said how I want to finally have some roots and have someplace to call home.

But is this realistic? Will it be detrimental to my survival?

I believe people are inherently nomadic, a trait from our roots. Being “stationary” is causing the human race to become complacent.

Is the goal…the dream of permanent dwellings and long-term careers essentially leading the population to ruin?
Change, struggle and hardship, ultimately make us better individuals.

People are fooling themselves with the perception of draping themselves into a life of stability, like an invisible security blanket, wrapping themselves so tightly in it, it will eventually smother them.

I know constant change, has been a critical element in making me the strong-willed, determined and focused person I am today.

Would I be some soft, bending, weak individual without it?

I believe I am better because of it but will my dream of settling down ultimately be my downfall?

What do you believe?


November 27, 2017

Frank, Zach and Roman are violent men, each with something to hide. They have kinship to the host of other characters in The Xeno Manifesto, the first of a trilogy. All these individuals have buried critical matters for so long, regardless of the collateral damage. But there has been a price, a heavy one; there’s always a toll to be paid.

These men live in a turbulent time, on such a crippled world…our world, and it seems so few care to make a change. But Frank has been enlightened. Is it soon enough or is too late to alter our path, the ruin and devastation too far gone?

I have been asked where I came up with the idea for my story. What do they mean my “story” because a comparison can be made to the reality of life, to the contents of The Xeno Manifesto.

Take a look at our past, a good, hard look at the inconsistencies of where and how we originated. Scrutinize what we have been taught, if taught is the right description to use. Or have we been indoctrinated?

Is there truth to fictional matters written ages ago, that were only penned to intimidate the uneducated that will now come to light with The Xeno Manifesto?

How uncanny and coincidental to my narrative is it that many experts believe humans were close to extinction, reduced to just ten thousand adults, in a time line so similar to my tale.  The suspected cause…was extensive, radical climate change on this planet.  In actuality, could it be that outside forces had a hand in it all?

Examine how we communicate, our languages, the tools of interaction for us intelligent beings. There is no explanation as to how they were derived. It has been proposed they evolved because we were living in a “complex and ever-changing world”. Good answer, but there is a better one in this book.

I am revealing ten (10) excerpts from The Xeno Manifesto on my website, prior to the scheduled release of The Xeno Manifesto in mid December of 2017. I will tweet these reveals @brysen_mann.

I will be blogging regularly so read, subscribe and/or comment.

Then, with The Xeno Manifesto’s release, we’ll be going on one wild ride!