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The Brysen Mann Blog

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The Brysen Mann Blog – April 3, 2022 

How is it that on-going discoveries continue to add credence to my tale of “supposed” fiction?

Excerpts from Nature (a weekly international, publishing the finest peer-viewed research) published March 02, 2022.

“So, it seems that we have a wave of advance of people using innovative technologies at 40,000 years ago”

“What were these fine tools, so ahead of their time, used for?”

“Suggests these are “spoor” of modern sapiens…40,000 years ago:”

Hmm…the same time frame as told in The Xeno Manifesto.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – February 13, 2022 

Ahhh…what a wonderful year it is. So calm and peaceful, all is right with the world….not, I warned you!

And if you want further evidence that the big dogs in the world are dumping us…let’s look at the James Webb Telescope built with the participation of twenty countries at a cost of ten billion dollars.

Its role is primarily a follow up to TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) launched in 2018. Through TESS we have learned that planets orbit almost every star in the Milky Way which adds up to quite a tidy some…hundreds of billions. TESS has already identified five thousand exoplanets as of April, 2021 with around two thousand candidates so far.

Now the Webb telescope comes into play. The Webb telescope will be able to study the chemical composition of these nearby exoplanets. Study them in detail, their atmospheres, for key elements like methane, oxygen, water…the very building blocks of life.

The Webb telescope was initially conceived in 1996…the same time as the scientific revelation that fossils of bacteria material (signs of former life) believed to have originated from Mars, were discovered in a meteorite also believed to originate from Mars.

Now, in the same time frame as the Webb telescope is launched, suddenly these finding from 1996 are being denounced…hmmm, what timing.

There’s a lot riding on the Webb telescope and it’s not about money or us…it’s about the big dogs…in twenty countries…and you doubt this is a world-wide conspiracy?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 15, 2021

The end is near…2021 that is but we aren’t far behind.

Skeptical? Really? How much more shit has to hit the fan before it sinks in that we’re f**ked?

I told you in The Xeno Manifesto  trilogy…the end is near and there is no turning back because my tale also reveals the actual, no holds barred truth of who and what we really are and our proven track record of screwing worlds up.

And true to form, we’re adding another notch to our gun.

So yeah, have a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year and consider this past year icing on the cake because you’ll never believe what’s coming next!

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – October 11, 2021 

Where will you establish your sanctuary, your muster point for those near and dear to you?

It’s time…time to plan that safe haven if you haven’t already begun but only a few will heed my words.

Where, that is a dilemma.

Near a lake or river may be of little use with the increasing drought like conditions as they’ll dry up. Deep in the woods offers nothing with the ever increasing forest fires as it will eventually be scorched off the face of the earth.

A cave or home-made bunker, possibly, access to fresh water is critical.

For me, I’m establishing something northern, close to a larger population but not too close, a rural location. An old farm yard with a well on site, surrounded by trees away from public view but not in the thick of the woods…one that distantly borders them.

In preparation, my beloved Mercedes is gone and has been replaced by a sturdy 4 x 4 vehicle.

The changing face of reality.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – August 15, 2021

I have stated from the beginning that The Xeno Manifesto trilogy will change the face of reality and that you will not like what you see…the truth does hurt.

My modern day tale reveals the ugly truth of how we arrived on this planet, what we have done to it and ourselves to justify the dire sacrifices made in our quest for survival.

And you know what? We haven’t learned a thing from our previous occupations.

Look at this latest pandemic as an example…if we cannot unite as an entity to combat Covid, what hope is there for us on the climate change front.

We have received dire warnings for a long time as to how our existence was/is negatively impacting this planet…that we must change our ways, warnings that have been echoing for years yet… here we are, neck deep in the shit we have created.

We, as a population, will not change…we, as a whole, do not care what happens to this world…we are beings that only know how to wreak havoc and we have proven this time and time again.

So forget about change…it’s time for those who choose to hang on until the bitter end to prepare and dig in …it’s time to find that place of isolation, sanctuary and defense that will be needed for our bleak future that is rapidly approaching.

More devastation and untold suffering is coming, like it or not…there is no escaping the face of reality.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – June 25, 2021

I have always said that The Xeno Manifesto trilogy will and is changing the face of reality but I wonder, does anyone recognize the truths exposed in my tale or do most choose to ignore them?

Hoping and trusting all the buried secrets now coming to the surface because of my narrative will not dissipate like the ripples a stone makes as it breaks the surface of calm waters…we have to take into account the potential tsunami that awaits as the stones we drop become larger and larger…impacting more and more on the ideal life so many once believed we had attained here.

Ignoring the ever emerging scientific evidence that seemingly supports our relocation to this world as outlined in my story, does not change the reality of it.

Turning a blind eye to the devastation we have wreaked on this planet since we began populating it, does not change the damage we have done.

Wearing blinders as individuals, families, groups and governments as we are out and about only absorbing what is transpiring in your own backyard, suburb, town, city, state, province, country cannot hide the reality of the downward spiral we, as an combined entity, have inflicted on our environment.

Not willing to accept that UFOs do exist, although their true origins are still debated, does not make them less real.

Scoffing at the idea of other entities living among us, such as the Tsiatko, whose appearances time and time again through the ages have corresponded with UFO sightings, does not lessen the reality that they do exist.

Because the governments of this world do not publicly disclose all the secrets they have attempted to hide from the residents of Earth, does not mean they do not exist.

Like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not…conspiracies are real and it is our obligation as a society to expose them, bring them out into the light so we can face the realities of who we really are and where we are going in hopes of correcting this downward spiral before we all perish by our own hands.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy…it’s time to accept the face of reality.

The Brysen Mann Blog – April 12, 2021 

I have stated over and over again, The Xeno Manifesto trilogy will change the face of reality and so I have to ask, would you recognize this change as it happens/has happened?

Would you concede that the world we have occupied and elected to call home, has finally retaliated and said enough is enough?

Would you acknowledge the planet is protesting against our overdue stay with catastrophic events such as unyielding hurricanes, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions and unknown diseases?

When will you realize governments have abandoned the people in search of something “greater” sacrificing the many for sole purpose of saving a few?

We do not need a television series or movies to portray what we all really are…the walking dead.

We are struggling to survive on a foreign world, eking out a day to day existence hoping tomorrow will be a better day…it’s not happening.

There always is a price to pay and our bill is long past due…foreclosure has a totally different meaning in this scenario.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – March 6, 2021 

A” conspiracy theory” is defined as an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups often political in motivation when other explanations are more probable.

“Probable” is defined as: 1.Supported by evidence strong enough to establish presumption but not proof  2.Likely to become true or real

So I have to ask, when the conspiracy theory contained within The Xeno Manifesto trilogy (a tale of fiction based on reality) becomes more probable with each turning page of scientific theory and suggestions and evidence…how long can one ignore the reality of what  my story is striving to bring to the surface?

I will use another recent article as reference, one in the February, 2021 issue of The Guardian, “scientists broadly agree that the Neanderthals died about 40,000 years ago” …is this coincidence that it falls within the same timelines for their demise as in The Xeno Manifesto trilogy?  I think not, I go one step farther and explain how.

I continue with the competition of the many countries racing to get to Mars, there are ten (10) spacecraft from five (5) agencies either orbiting or on the ground on Mars and more on the way.

It is not about space exploration…it’s about recovering our history, our past technology, the first to reveal or continue to hide our true origins.

At what point is a story no longer fiction and should be taken for what it truly is…revealing what the powers that be have buried for so long…revealing the true face of reality.

What critical point has to be reached before you’ll take off the blinders?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – February 1, 2021 

It’s the second month of a New Year and little has changed in this world from 2020. The prognosis seems to be getting worse rather than better has all had hoped.

As I have repeated over and over again and I’m sure many have tired of hearing this from a variety of fronts, this world…our world is damaged and we are the culprits.

My novels, The Xeno Manifesto trilogy, a tale of fiction that I have always suggested is based on reality, tells a story of how we actually arrived on this planet, not through evolution but we relocated here from another world we evacuated after we left in in ruin and the conspiracy to hide that fact. Our previous occupied place was Mars and we did not take millions of years or hundreds of thousands to re-evolve to where we are today but merely tens of thousands.

I reveal that there are highly intelligent creatures residing here along with us, the Tsiatko, of which many know as Bigfoot that know this truth as well but have shunned us, want nothing to do with us because of our destructive ways…our track record of wreaking havoc wherever we go, then moving on with the few remaining souls left once we have advanced enough to do so.

Is this too incredible to believe when there are many residing here that truly accept the world is flat, regardless of what science has proven. Is my tale too incredulous compared to that?

My revelations of our inception here coincide with the floods told in many religions; that our DNA was infused with Neanderthal’s who were already present here to ensure our survival against disease and we rewarded them by wiping them out. That there are still many among us that unknowingly carry the scientific evidence of this, buried deep within, exposed through complicated algorithms when so many choose to explore their ancestry which in fact leads to their demise, accidentally of course but through other means as required to ensure our dark past never sees the light of day.

I expose that the powers that be, are busy planning our next occupation under the guise of space exploration, supposedly searching for life on other planets which in reality is a hunt for the next target for devastation and then we will move on and move on and move on…the cycle never ending.

Is this truly the actions of an advanced civilization or do we finally look at the big picture and say enough is enough?

It’s time to give to give ourselves a reality check and provide an ultimatum that actually means something…either we change or we die here. The sacrifices of all the other life forms for the sake of our survival has to end…to date, we are not worth it.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy is changing the face of reality and you’re not going to like how it looks.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 27, 2020

As time progresses, everything is leading in the same direction…the obvious relationship between Earth and Mars.

The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens suggests that we relocated from Mars, a place where facial images peer at us from weathered mountains on its surface…nearby, the remnants of ancient pyramids.

Added to this, the continued frenzy, the aggressive goal to terraform this world, our nearest planetary neighbor.

Is it simply to explore this barren sphere or is the true nature of these efforts…to be the first to discover evidence of our origins and whatever other secrets lie within it that we have left behind?

And the conspiracy continues here to hide it all…

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy reveals the true face of reality.

The Brysen Mann Blog – November 16, 2020

It has been a bit since I posted anything…life’s distractions and the on-going chaos in this world.

Some experts say the damaged we have done on our world is past the point of no return…I agree.

What is our fate, “our fate” meaning the survival of the human race? Will a future generation survive long enough to make it possible for those select candidates to planet hop once more or will this finally be the end of our atrocities?

Those that are clandestinely working towards relocation, the occupation of another planet once again, do not care if this place we call Earth is able to recover once we are gone. Why should they, a growing consensus is that there are an estimated three hundred million habitable planets in our galaxy alone.

They are not looking back or attempting to heal what we have so badly damaged…all eyes and efforts are pushing forward…the rear view mirror has been removed from this vehicle of “progress”.

And, most of all, have we learned anything from our past? Not at all because those that control the puppet strings on our lives have once again determined secrecy rather than transparency to our origins must be adhered to as it has been established long ago that “we can’t handle the truth”.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – September 27, 2020

Another reality check.

Like it or not, accept it or not…this world we occupy is but an atom in comparison to the cosmic world and we…represent nothing more than particles of sand in an endless desert.

Look at us, I mean take a hard look. What have we really accomplished in the big scheme of things? What has our existence really “contributed” to the big picture of life in this universe?

I should clarify…contributed in a positive way. I mean it’s easy to list all the f**ked up things we’ve done in and to our miniscule world, the place we call Earth.

Is there a future for us here? I think not. Do we even deserve another chance on another planet?

How many have we destroyed so far in our endless struggle to survive…for what purpose?

To prove what?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – August 29, 2020

This planet is being inundated with pollution, storms, hunger, disease, civil unrest, the population continues to grow as resources continue to diminish…this does not sound even close to being a utopia world.

We humans are doing what we’ve always done…ravage the worlds we occupy as we’ve done so many times before.

An outlandish idea? Look at our history…truly take the time to analyze our roots…examine the “science” not the speculative theories of our beginnings.

Look at the obsessions of those in power, in control…why such investments on such a grandeur scale to explore for other worlds? Why not invest in this world and its people first to create that Garden of Eden; that supposed ideal world?

Because they know…it is a lost battle, always has been, always will be.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – July 23, 2020

Interesting recent events…

New evidence places humans in North America at least thirty thousand years ago, fifteen thousand years earlier than previously thought…what does my “tale” state?

And now, more nations are involved with the exploration of Mars…the United Arab Emirates, China…why?

They all say it is relative to space exploration…critical to our future survival or…is it to reveal the hidden secrets of our past?

How will I be perceived as the writer of this story of “fiction” as more of the truth comes out?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – June 14, 2020 

I ask questions in my blog…for my own self reflection as I write and for those who choose to read it.

Our world is in a stage of turmoil right now…it’s not the first time. We are being enlightened…will we follow a path of remedy and resolution?

If we heal the people, will we heal our planet?

Does one hold a greater priority than the other?

Can we co-exist with this orb we have named Earth?

Is this even possible?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – May 8, 2020 

In this blog I could dwell more about conspiracy theories, our true origins and what we have done to this planet we call home.

I could expand more on the havoc we have created on this world and to ourselves.

I could continue my warnings that we are beyond the threshold of recovery.

Instead…I will sit back, observe, experience and absorb the current world-wide crisis and its impact.

Watch Nature make a stand…fight for what is his/hers, clearly shouting “Enough is enough!”

Payback can be a bitch.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – April 8, 2020 

Here we are…another day, another blog.

I have always suggested that my tale of fiction is based on reality…the events from our past, what we are experiencing today (the planet’s payback?) and…what the future potentially has in store for us.

Every day…every week, more and more revelations, scientific and other, are being made that “suggest” what has been taught and promoted about our history for so many years is seriously flawed.

Do we really understand our roots?

It is all based on theory and conjuncture…on what makes ” sense” but what we really actually “know” as fact is, relatively little.

That is the fact.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – March 3, 2020 

My blog…is it just, book promotion or something more?

Are these only ramblings of someone suggesting he’s the protagonist or is there truth buried among the pages of my novels?

Every year, month, day, hour…minute, new discoveries are being made about our history.

Later upon layer of misconceptions and false interpretations…conjectures are being peeled away to reveal …the true face of reality.

Can there be more to my …tale than simply fiction?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – January 24, 2020

Look around at the world, demonstrations…chaos and fear has been emerging everywhere.

We have governments world-wide going to the extreme…trying to rein in what can’t be held back.

It is a time for the people, the true people…the ones that are making a choice and willing to take a stand.

But…is it too late?

Have we passed that threshold, the marker of not being able to undo what we have done…our inability to restore the harm we have inflicted on this planet we call home?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 26, 2019

Why, for decades, is unlimited funding being spent exploring Mars? Why the obsession…why this specific planet, especially one so barren?

Is it really about a potential future colonization or learning about the beginnings of our galaxy, the creation of this universe or is it’s true mission a recovery one…for technology long lost, our own, buried somewhere below its surface.

It’s time to face reality…The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 8, 2019

If you’re looking for a solution to the world’s problems, there isn’t one. It’s all about gearing up for survival mode.

It’s too late for change, we’ve past that threshold. You can only plan now as it’s not about making it through the next year or so, that’s easy…start thinking about making it to ten years from now.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy is changing the face of reality and you’re not going to like how it looks.

The Brysen Mann Blog – November 10, 2019 

I’ve been described as an introvert and I even confirm that if someone asks, it’s simpler that way. It’s my way even though I am quite comfortable in any social situation, small or large, intimate or unfamiliar, blue collar, white collar, high-class, low-class and everything in between. I do what I need to do to get what I need.

Not that I care about other’s opinions on these matters but how do you tell someone you don’t want to get too close…you don’t want friends, that it’s your choice? I’m told I don’t smile enough…great, that’s the whole idea, avoid me as you should, I prefer it that way.

Do I intimidate people; definitely. Do I look at people? No, I look through people like they aren’t there, because they won’t be here for very long. I do one thing…look after myself, most of the time.

I did one thing for others, I told my tale, now…like most things in life, it’s your choice, read it and do something or…let it happen. Me…I believe there’s no stopping it.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – October 6, 2019

Look at the world as a whole, examine its leadership and how well they work together for an unified cause…yea.

And you actually expect serious discussion and action to save this world we live on?

Like it or not, agree with it or not…face reality or not.

Your planet, your decisions, your consequences.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – September 23, 2019

Have your protests, give your speeches, beat them with your signs…it isn’t going to make one bit of difference.

The Powers that be, the ones in control WILL NOT implement any positive climate change policies. They already have too much invested in getting off this world.

What, after spending trillions and decades, yes decades, on space exploration trying to find a new home for themselves rather than putting those funds to good use…like looking after the future of every living soul already here and those yet to arrive…they’re just going to say “whoops”, our bad?

I use the word “reality” a lot. Why? Because we are not in a “what if”, “could be” or “possibly” situation with what we have done to this place we call Earth.

This is a “get real”, face reality point and time…our planet is screwed!

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – August 24, 2019

Every day we inch a little closer, another step in the direction of our destruction. Some believe there is some hope and a chance to correct all the wrongs to this world we have done. Good for you, keep believing because Santa Claus and his eight reindeer along with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are going to suddenly appear and save the day.

We’re being dumped by those at the top, the very ones that have initiated the endless search for exoplanets for decades now…to prove extraterrestrial life, good cover story.

Yet, there has been slips, a bit of the real agenda slipping out through various individuals. “In order to ensure our survival, we must become a multi-planetary species.” Must or are?

My tale contains a degree of truth and has an underlying message that parallels the reality of what the human race and this planet will ultimately face.

Read it for yourself…there isn’t much time.

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy

The Brysen Mann Blog – August 5, 2019

It’s difficult looking past the end of your lifetime…who gives a shit, right? If you’re five or fifty, things should still work out. After that, what does it matter?

Is that the wrong attitude to have about this world that we strive and struggle to survive on…probably not?

Is this planet screwed? Hell, yes! Take a look around. See what we’ve done to this place and to ourselves. And you wonder if a tale like mine can hold a grain of truth.

The concept that the Powers that be on this planet are planning an exodus to save their sorry asses and leave everyone else to face the consequences is not unrealistic.

Look where all the big dollars are going. The untold expenditures by every major country on space exploration rather than invest in the deteriorating conditions of this sphere.

Or is it considered a losing battle…and has been for quite some time?

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy will provide a glimpse of reality.

The Brysen Mann Blog – July 7, 2019

How many billions of dollars are being spent every year on space exploration? Why?

You would think those in control would want to look after those critical matters in their own back yard first…the back yard being this planet we call home and all those who live here.

The governments’ thinking changed back in the late 1940s, I shouldn’t have to explain to you what event created their new path of thought for life here.

The average person would call this a conspiracy theory…those calling the shots don’t give a rip because we are past the point of no return…they’re just rats lining up to get off a sinking ship.

Your decision, trust those at the top or…admit what you already fear and do something about it.

The Brysen Mann Blog – June 19, 2019

I’m not a religious man, never was and never pretended to be. I don’t believe a single entity created us all but I do believe I have a Power that watches over me…somehow. It provides me with what I need but I have to earn it, in my own unique way.

I also believe that when we die, we are not reincarnated but we do come back to the same body, same time, although the space might be different… call it an alternative existence. What is the end game? We keep returning until we live an exemplary life and then we move on to live in eternal peace in an ideal world with all those that have achieved this feat.

Problem is…I like being bad.

The Brysen Mann Blog – May 11, 2019

Is our fate predetermined? Do we actually have any control considering the population of this world?

We have the elite minority living a life with no concept of reality while the poor and down trodden majority, strive to eke out an existence, living meal to meal, day to day with no real hope for a future. Maybe they are the fortunate ones, not living with rose colored glasses on.

And “Mankind”, what a description considering there’s little in the way of compassion any more.

As we near the end, everyone is out for themselves…just rats on a sinking ship.

The Brysen Mann Blog – April 12, 2019

My grandpa use to say “Don’t mess with what you know nuthin about.” Me, I think some rules are meant to be broken…actually most are. The only rule I follow, is my gut. Whether most would consider that right, wrong or something in between…I really don’t care.

The world is screwed, humans and animal, birds and reptiles, insects…whatever category everything falls into and unfortunately I’m stuck in that mix. I know the reality and fight as I may, I’m not sure I can make one bit of difference but fuck it, I have to try…it all begins with my story, The Xeno Manifesto trilogy…read it if you dare.

The Brysen Mann Blog – March 14, 2019

There’s a subtle wave of electricity embedded in the air, nothing fatal, just enough to put you on edge. A chill runs down your back as you walk amongst that charged invisible atmosphere, it envelopes you, wrapping you up with fear. Don’t panic, just accept it…there’s no getting away from it now, it’s much too late.

You didn’t trust me, I’ve been warning you for so long and now, the countdown has begun…you only have so much time now, what will you do with that precious commodity? The Xeno Manifesto – Redemption will soon be here.

The Brysen Mann Blog – February 8, 2019

Recently, very recently actually, I had a book reviewer post “What is profoundly entertaining is how this writer with super clean clarity and remarkable skill, lays out a fiction tale so close to a possible truth”.

My first thoughts…how is it some individuals grasp it so quickly; perceive what has always been there to see? Does it need to be laid out in print before you’ll accept it, acknowledge it? And…is it a conspiracy it it’s a global united effort at the highest of levels?

Like I warned you, just sheep being led to the slaughter…The Xeno Manifesto trilogy.

The Brysen Mann Blog – January 3, 2019

Reality…what a mystical thing, you struggle every day never knowing what to believe anymore, can’t seem to trust anyone or anything. You may not want to admit this, but it’s true.

It’s because everyone is out for themselves, to a certain degree or another, regardless of their perceived intentions. This is something else you may not want to face as you stare back at yourself every day in the mirror…it’s difficult to admit you’re the same as everybody else.

You’re going to have to prepare yourself…another dose of reality is coming soon and you may not like what you discover…I know you won’t. The countdown is on for The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 10, 2018

A higher and higher percentage of you are realizing how screwed this world is…but you have no idea how much. Those working behind the scenes, from the shadows, pulling the strings are working harder than they’ve ever had to before in trying to deflect the truth.

Examine it all, take the time to have a look, I mean a real…hard…look, to actually scrutinize what’s going on, what you’re being told, read between the lines and, if you do, it’s there in plain sight.

And when you do finally see it, what are you going to do…or are you just going to sit back and shake your head now that you’ve realized how gullible you’ve been this entire time?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Brysen Mann Blog – November 17, 2018

I kept away from this blog because I thought…maybe they were right, that it was my own self created paranoia and I was battling imaginary demons stemming from the weed that was not calming me or clearing my mind but altering it. I heard it all including my own self doubts.

I think part of me…wanted to believe their analysis of my sanity, my soul, my never ending search for salvation and redemption.

You know what I now say? Bullshit!! What was the matter with me, listening to them? I’m not keeping my mouth shut anymore. My tale is as real as it gets and don’t let them tell you otherwise.

She was right…she told me to continue and I’m going to.

Look out world cause here it comes…my blog carries on and so does my story with The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation.

The Brysen Mann Blog – January 30, 2018

I have been holding myself back but I can’t any longer. I have to continue with my story. There is so much to be told and I’m not sure how long it will take or what obstacles I will face along the way.

Is there too much to my tale, maybe more than anyone is prepared to hear?

It isn’t like I have to be creative as it’s already in my head. I just need to put it on paper but…but nothing, it has to be done.

And so my saga continues.

The Brysen Mann Blog – January 10, 2018

A new year and my attempt to make some kind of resolution, any resolution that will improve my life…

I have to admit, I am cynical about this.

Try as I may, whatever game plan I come up with, Fate has its own idea about where I am suppose to go.

I do give 110% percent in my endeavors…my goals but without Fate’s cooperation, I get nowhere.

What is it about that?

I do know that something looks after me, Fate…my Power if you want to use that term. I am not a religious person by any means. I was at one time but those days are long gone.

Every time I get in a jam, something intervenes and bails me out. The key, I have learned the hard way, is to keep pushing forward. Never, ever giving up and…being patient. I can’t force anything thing. It has to come my way in its own time or its not destined to happen. It’s as simple as that.

I have learned long ago that the only thing I have control of is myself and with that realization, came a sense of calm.

I have no control over anyone else, well…I do but its usually without their cooperation and then, they ultimately pay the price.

Its going to be an interesting year.

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 26, 2017

I am struggling with how to put all of this in words without sounding like an SOB. Not that I really care.

After living so much of my life alone, I still have difficulty being with people. Not people in the general public
sense, but those that I feel I should strive to have a closer kinship with. Individuals that I describe as associates but most, I believe, take the next step and call friends.

For whatever reason, I can’t let anyone in. I am not “attracted” enough to give them that title. I mean attraction in terms of their intelligence, their drive, their personality not that mine is one that is to strive for. I can’t find something, anything in common but I have to admit, I don’t really try.

I guess part of it comes down to trust. That sacred believe that they, he, she has your back…always. It’s just not there. Not yet anyways. Will it ever be?

Even during this so-called Yuletide season, I have no desire, no mandatory need to be with others…it is just another day.

I have spent too many days, too many years of moving around and knowing…accepting the reality of life on this world and how it will all end.

I have taken the blinders off long ago and maybe that is why I keep everyone at a distance because, what is the point?

The Brysen Mann Blog – December 14, 2017

I had been asked recently “What would I have done differently in my life, what is your biggest regret?”

Had this question been proposed to me when I was younger, I am sure the response would have been lengthy.

Today, my answer is…nothing.

All of the obstacles in my life, the mistakes, the “regrets”, the paths I have chosen, right or wrong, have all made me the person I am today.

I like who and what I am. If solitude is my only companion, that’s okay because I have learned to be happy with my own company. I am content with what I have become.

Life…Fate…my Power has always looked after me BUT only when I have given 110% of myself. I expect nothing to me handed to me, everything has to be earned.

And I have paid the price along the way…there always is a price.

What the future will bring? I do not know, but I am prepared.

December 03, 2017

I talk of being tired and the only constant in my life has been change. I have said how I want to finally have some roots and have someplace to call home.

But is this realistic? Will it be detrimental to my survival?

I believe people are inherently nomadic, a trait from our roots. Being “stationary” is causing the human race to become complacent.

Is the goal…the dream of permanent dwellings and long-term careers essentially leading the population to ruin?
Change, struggle and hardship, ultimately make us better individuals.

People are fooling themselves with the perception of draping themselves into a life of stability, like an invisible security blanket, wrapping themselves so tightly in it, it will eventually smother them.

I know constant change, has been a critical element in making me the strong-willed, determined and focused person I am today.

Would I be some soft, bending, weak individual without it?

I believe I am better because of it but will my dream of settling down ultimately be my downfall?

What do you believe?

The Brysen Mann Blog – November 27, 2017

Frank, Zach and Roman are violent men, each with something to hide. They have kinship to the host of other characters in The Xeno Manifesto, the first of a trilogy. All these individuals have buried critical matters for so long, regardless of the collateral damage. But there has been a price, a heavy one; there’s always a toll to be paid.

These men live in a turbulent time, on such a crippled world…our world, and it seems so few care to make a change. But Frank has been enlightened. Is it soon enough or is too late to alter our path, the ruin and devastation too far gone?

I have been asked where I came up with the idea for my story. What do they mean my “story” because a comparison can be made to the reality of life, to the contents of The Xeno Manifesto.

Take a look at our past, a good, hard look at the inconsistencies of where and how we originated. Scrutinize what we have been taught, if taught is the right description to use. Or have we been indoctrinated?

Is there truth to fictional matters written ages ago, that were only penned to intimidate the uneducated that will now come to light with The Xeno Manifesto?

How uncanny and coincidental to my narrative is it that many experts believe humans were close to extinction, reduced to just ten thousand adults, in a time line so similar to my tale.  The suspected cause…was extensive, radical climate change on this planet.  In actuality, could it be that outside forces had a hand in it all?

Examine how we communicate, our languages, the tools of interaction for us intelligent beings. There is no explanation as to how they were derived. It has been proposed they evolved because we were living in a “complex and ever-changing world”. Good answer, but there is a better one in this book.

I am revealing ten (10) excerpts from The Xeno Manifesto on my website, prior to the scheduled release of The Xeno Manifesto in mid December of 2017. I will tweet these reveals @brysen_mann.

I will be blogging regularly so read, subscribe and/or comment.

Then, with The Xeno Manifesto’s release, we’ll be going on one wild ride!


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