The Xeno Manifesto


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5 Stars – The Xeno Manifesto & The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation

“This is a rousing and exciting tale with elements of Project Blue Book, X-Files, John Wick and James Bond rolled into a vast story of global conspiracy!”

The Xeno Manifesto trilogy is now available on-line world-wide including Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as Chapters/Indigo.

Physical copies of The Xeno Manifesto and The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation and The Xeno Manifesto – Redemption are available in a limited selection of Chapters, Indigo and Cole’s bookstores.

Back Cover Blurb for The Xeno Manifesto (The first of the trilogy) Deputy Frank Smirnov wants a peaceful life but fate has chosen a different path. He could never have imagined a course that not only gives him insight to his past but to the true origins of the human race.

NSA Agent Zachariah Allmass’ job is to eliminate those who know too much, and those “Beings” with powers untold that have elected to remain hidden for all these millenniums, now possess evidence he needs for his true employer, the Committee.

But Allmass has an agenda of his own. Meanwhile, Roman Petrov is a violent man who puts his retirement on temporary hiatus after being left with collateral damage that leaves him no choice but to eliminate the “thorn in his side”.

When these men’s worlds collide, secrets that were never meant to be exposed will shake the very foundation of mankind’s existence.

Back Cover Blurb for The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation (The second book of the trilogy)Frank Petrov is at a loss…what more is expected of him and how can one man possibly matter?

And to make things more complicated, two determined women have decided to enter the picture. It turns out Willow is not what she appeared to be and now seems set on his salvation. The other one, Rajeena who has assumed the reins from the Committee, is planning his destruction.

The pressure is mounting and time is running out. He’s not sure where it’ll all lead but everyone wants what they believe is rightfully theirs; including Zachariah Allmass but there’s only so much to go around.

As Frank’s story continues to be revealed, the more the face of reality is changing. The mystery the world never knew existed is being exposed for all to see, it can’t be hidden any longer.

Back Cover Blurb for The Xeno Manifesto – Redemption (The third book of the trilogyFrank Smirnov wonders if it’s all on him now and, if so, can he carry through with what must be done to save this world, this planet that has no forseeable future? There’s more than his past coming back to haunt him and every turn seems to bring more surprises, more roadblocks.

And why is Ms. Olivia Rosalind Kinsey, the former matriarch of the Committee coming back into the picture? She had stepped down long ago, some took her for dead and what is her true intent for Frank?

As he pushes forward, relying on his gut instincts more than anything else, he has to question, is there truly a good and an evil? Can there be a heaven? He knows there’s a hell because he’s sure he’s living in his version of it.

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